#Track 8 #Pharmacognosy and #Phytochemistry #March 13-14, 2019 #London #UK

Pharmacognosy is the study of the physical, chemical and biological properties of drug or drug substances of natural origin also the search for new drugs from natural sources. Plant preparations are said to be medicinal or herbal when they are used to promote health beyond basic nutrition. Crude drugs is known to the natural product that has not been in advanced in condition by any process or treatment beyond that which is essential for its proper packaging and prevention from deterioration. Phytochemistry is the study of phytochemicals or branch of chemistry that deals with biochemical processes related with plant life and the chemical complexes produced by plants. Medicinal plants are a rich source of bioactive phytochemicals. It is well known that plants produce chemicals to protect themselves, but recent researches demonstrate that many phytochemicals can also protect human against diseases.
  • Track 8-1Crude drugs
  • Track 8-2Phytochemicals
  • Track 8-3Phytochemicals
  • Track 8-4Importance of Phytochemistry
  • Track 8-5Biological activities of phytochemicals
  • Track 8-6Advances in Pharmacognosy
  • Track 8-7Plant Drug Standardization
  • Track 8-8Pharmacognosy Research


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