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Natural Compounds 2018

About Conference
On behalf of PULSUS Conferences, we announce 2nd World Congress on Pharmacology and Chemistry of Natural Compounds” which will be held from March 13-14, 2019 at London, UK".The conference will be organized around the theme “Exploring new trends & Innovations in Pharmacology and Natural Compounds’’. Natural compounds 2018 is mainly focuses on Uses, Side effects, Mechanism of action of drugs and scientific study of the structure of Natural compounds.
The Conference provides the research work of pharmacology and chemistry of natural compounds expertise from various scientific backgrounds and the same can be perceived by pharmacologists, scientists and students. Natural compounds 2018 brings unique platform for scientists, researchers, academicians, professors and students to share their knowledge and views also presenting research about latest pharmacological activities of drugs and chemical properties, reactions of Natural compounds. PULSUS provides an opport…